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Beckfoot Trust is an organisation that links a group of local Bradford schools together so that they can collectively improve the life chances for young people within their schools. Our aim is to create a group of truly remarkable schools each with a genuine comprehensive intake. They will be wonderful places for young people to learn and grow up in. We want to make a difference. We want to create something special.





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The intent of Geography at Beckfoot is to provide students with an understanding of the world and their place in it, with a firm grasp of physical and human Geography. We will also instil empathy as a global citizen and an appreciation in developing a better world for the future. Students will be custodians of the environment. At Beckfoot a Geographer will show a passion for learning through enquiry.

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Year 9

Subject Map

Knowledge Organiser 1 - Tour De Yorkshire  

Knowledge Organiser 2 - Russia 

Knowledge Organiser 3 - Middle East 

Knowledge Organiser 4 - South West China

Year 12

Subject Map - Human Geography 

Knowledge Organiser 1 - Diverse Places 

Knowledge Organiser 2 - Globalisation


Subject Map - Physical Geography

Knowledge Organiser 1 - Costal Landscapes and Change

Knowledge Organiser 2 - Techtonic Processes and Hazards 

Year 13

Subject Map - Human Geography 

Knowledge Organiser 1 - Health and Human rights 

Knowledge Organiser 2 - Superpowers


Subject Map - Physical Geography 

Knowledge Organiser 1 - The Carbon Cycle and Energy Security 

Knowledge Organiser 2 - The Water Cycle and Water Insecurity