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Beckfoot Trust is an organisation that links a group of local Bradford schools together so that they can collectively improve the life chances for young people within their schools. Our aim is to create a group of truly remarkable schools each with a genuine comprehensive intake. They will be wonderful places for young people to learn and grow up in. We want to make a difference. We want to create something special.





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Examinations & Results

shutterstock_238319449It is our aim to make the exam experience as successful and stress-free as possible for our students and parents.

Exam Board Contact Details

The exam boards set down strict regulations for the conduct of exams which the school and its pupils are required to follow. The JCQ (Joint Council for Qualifications) Information for Candidates will be issued to pupils before each exam series. This explains these rules in detail. Candidates should read this carefully and note that any breach of these regulations will be reported to the awarding body and could lead to disqualification.

To obtain information about past results click on the exam board link below. You must quote our Centre Number: 37101 in any correspondence.

Results Days 2024

AS, A-Levels


8.30am until 10.30am


9.00am until 11.00am

We strongly advise Year 13 students to collect their results in person as the Sixth form team will be on hand to give advice should anyone need it for the UCAS clearing system. Please note that students are issued with a "Statement of Results" on these days. Statements of Results are NOT Exam Certificates. (Please see Exam Certificates section for information about certificates). Results Days within school are extremely busy. Year 11 should also collect their results in person, we will accommodate requests for alternative arrangements as outlined below, but these are ONLY in extreme circumstances and should be arranged before leaving and at the very latest 24 June 2023. It is School Policy that results will not be given over the telephone or sent by email. If there is a prior agreement in place;

  1. We will send an email to the candidates school email address only, after lunch, and post the statement of results later that day.
  2. Written authorisation, from the student, for someone else (including parents) to collect their results on the day. This cannot be another student in the year group. Click here to download the authorisation form to collect exam results on behalf of a student.

Exam Timetables

General exam timetables will be published here, these are intended as a guide only and may be subject to change.
We will issue pupils and parents/carers with a personal exam timetable showing exact dates and times for the Summer Series around the Easter holidays or as soon as we can. Please note practical and speaking tests are not included and details of these will be given to pupils by their subject teacher. Sometimes candidates have a clash where two exams are scheduled for the same time. In most cases these would just follow on from each other. 


Please check that all personal details (date of birth, spelling of names) are accurate as these will appear on certificates (only the legal name will appear, no preferred names or derivatives can be issued on the Exam Certificate) and will be difficult to change once certificates are awarded, usually a charge is levied by the individual exam boards which is payable by the candidate if notification is not made to the Exams Office.

Please note that exams can only be sat on the day timetabled by the Exam Boards.

Important Information - Publication of Results

Students results are published by various newspapers.  If you do not want your results to appear in any newspaper, then you will need to opt out of this.  You can do so by emailing your request to:

More information for Parents and Students

Reviews of Marking Policy- centre assessed marks (GCE coursework, GCE and GCSE non-examination assessments, Project qualifications)

Written examinations

On-screen tests

Non-examinations assessments

Coursework assessments 

Social media

Privacy notice 

Unauthorised Items

Preparing to sit your exams

To contact the Exams Office email:

Post Result Services - Review of Marking and Script Requests

It is not school policy to request a review of marking (ROM) by a ‘blanket approach’ because a candidate is 1 or 2 marks from the next grade boundary. Any ROM requests must come from the candidate and the fees are payable by the candidate, with very few exceptions, which will be reviewed on individual merit at the time, by the Senior Leadership Team, (see the Post Results Policy).

Priority GCE review of marking can be arranged on GCE results day and/or GCSE results day. This is for students who may not get the results they require for their university choice and need to go through clearing. All paperwork must be completed by the candidate, the fees for a review are payable by the candidate (fees to be confirmed by the Exam Boards in 2023).

Copy of script requests are sometimes free with exam boards (check with exams for up to date information), these are used by school for Teaching & Learning, candidates must give consent for a copy of a script request.

The deadline for any ROM or a copy of scripts is noon on Friday 15 September 2023.

Exam Certificates

GCSE and GCE Certificates are available for collection from School Reception from the week commencing Monday 28 November 2022.

Alternatively, if school leavers have a sibling still attending school, the certificates can be collected on their behalf, as long as a letter of authorisation is provided with a copy of a valid ID. Click here to download the authorisation form for certificate collection on behalf of a student.

Exam certificates are an important document and should be kept somewhere safe. If you misplace or lose your certificates you can only get replacements through the Examining Boards who can charge up to £43 per certificate (as at March 2020).

Please note that a requirement of the Examining Boards is that all certificates be returned to them or destroyed, if not collected within 12 months of issue. We therefore suggest that certificates are collected no later than Friday 7 July 2023.