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Beckfoot Trust is an organisation that links a group of local Bradford schools together so that they can collectively improve the life chances for young people within their schools. Our aim is to create a group of truly remarkable schools each with a genuine comprehensive intake. They will be wonderful places for young people to learn and grow up in. We want to make a difference. We want to create something special.





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8th September 2021

Talk the Talk

Talking About Transition at Beckfoot School 

Expert trainers from Talk The Talk will be coming into school on Friday 10 September to work with our new Year 7 students.  

Talk The Talk’s mission is to develop students’ oracy skills and communication confidence to support positive interaction in all life situations and improved social outcomes. 

Talk The Talk has trained over 115,000 students to be confident communicators across England and Wales since they began in 2013. 

Talk About Transition uses oracy based activities and strategies to help students develop greater self-confidence and resilience. Delivered as a half day workshop and packed full of engaging activities to promote students’ confidence, selfesteem and help build relationships with their new peers, Talk About Transition supports students in a successful transition from primary to secondary school. 

Transition to secondary school involves changes that can be both exciting and a cause of concern to students. Successful transition is vital to the development of students’ self-confidence, self-esteem and academic competence. Moving on from the safe haven of primary school - one classroom and often one teacher - to a much larger school and the feeling of being a ‘small fish in a large pond’ can cause worry and anxiety. Our programme embraces this change and allows students to talk about their concerns and how to overcome them – but also the fantastic opportunities that await them - and how best to embrace these.  Talk The Talk 

To learn more about Talk The Talk’s work visit them at: 

 Talk the Talk

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