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Coronavirus Information
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School Information

Covid-19 update, letter to parents, 21.9.21

September 2021 update

Home testing for students has resumed. Tests will be provided by school w/c 13 September 2021 onwards.

All test results should be reported (positive, negative or void) to school at and to via the Government portal at

Autumn Term 2021 information

Whilst removal of restrictions is now in place, Covid 19 remains with us across our community. It is important that the remaining guidelines are followed by us all to protect those most vulnerable and to minimise disruption to face to face learning in school for our children. 

The information below will help us to achieve this.

In-School Testing at the start of term

In-School testing will take place between Monday 6 September 2021 and Monday 15 September 2021. For more information and testing times, please click here.


The aim this year is to maximise the number of children and young people in face to face education and minimise disruption.  We want our children to be able to have as near-normal an experience at school as possible and are excited about seeing them all again.

Isolation is no longer required for those who have been double vaccinated (14 days after 2nd dose) or those aged under 18 in the following circumstances:

  • If identified as a close contact
  • If in a household where another householder has tested positive or is symptomatic

However, test and trace may recommend that contacts as described above have a PCR test.

Isolation is required:

  • For all individuals who are symptomatic (they should get a PCR test as soon as possible)
  • In the case of a positive LFD test while you await a PCR result
  • Those with a positive PCR result (for ten days following 1st positive test or for ten days from onset of symptoms)
  • Those who have not been double vaccinated, are over 18 and have been identified as a close contact

Home learning will be provided for pupils who are at home but well enough to study. This will take the form of online learning via the ‘My Learning Resources’ provision on the school website Live lessons will not be provided unless required as a result of any closures due to covid.

Control measures and risk assessments

To support high levels of attendance, we retain the control measures recommended by the Department for Education to reduce the risk of spread of Covid-19.  These are enhanced levels of cleaning, increased ventilation, promoting hand and respiratory hygiene, testing (where appropriate and advised) and the management of positive cases. 

A robust risk assessment remains in place, please see it here.

LFD Testing for students in School

In order to get as many students tested as possible, on-site testing will be offered, and details have been shared with you. Whilst this means a phased return to lessons, this should ensure we identify any positive cases before mixing of students takes place.  It also allows year 7s and any who have not previously participated in testing to familiarise themselves with the process.

Home testing for students will resume after the first 2 in school tests. Tests will be provided by school. 

All test results should be reported (positive, negative or void) to school at and to via the Government portal at

LFD Testing for all staff in school

All staff are requested to test twice weekly including prior to the start of term.  All test results should be reported (positive, negative or void) to school at and to via the Government portal at

Further Covid 19 information on schools can be found here.

Summer Term 2021 information

2021.04.16_SchoolTest_Boy_A3croppedWe advise students to test twice a week on:

Thursday mornings before school (or Wednesday evenings)

  • Monday mornings before school (or Sunday evenings)
  • Thursday mornings before school (or Wednesday evenings)

Please log LFT results in the following two places:

  1. Government webpage:; and 
  2. Our school form located on our website here

Also, if your child tests positive on either a LFT or a PCR test, please can you inform Emily Wintersgill at or by telephoning us on the school main telephone 01274 771444, which also has a dedicated voicemail for out of hours. 

If your child has run out of LFTs please contact Emily Wintersgill at

Please remember: if any student or member of their household has any Covid-19 related symptoms, even with a negative LFT result,  please book a PCR test for the person who has symptoms as soon as possible If a member of the students household has tested positive, that student will need to isolate and not be able to return to school until the end of the isolation period despite taking lateral flow tests. Please Report an Absence in the usual way.

If a student has been advised to go for a PCR test by school, please could you let us know the result of that result as soon as possible. You can contact Emily Wintersgill at who will talk you through the next steps.

Please see the guidance for families when a member of the household tested positive after another and others don't - click here



If you have any queries relating to Covid-19 and/or the LFT/LFD testing programme, please email Emily Wintersgill at


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10.03.21_Re-opening Guide March 2021


08.03.21_Travelling with Northern trains, return-to-school-flyer

03.03.21_Covid 19 Testing available for households with school students or staff


23.02.21_CEO Letter: Reopening of Schools from March 8th


15.02.21_ DfE Stay at Home Guidance