Literacy in Year 7 and 8
We are extremely committed to literacy at Beckfoot and committed to improving the reading and spelling of all students. We have many strategies in and out of lesson time to help with this for all abilities of students.  Here are some of the ways we help your child with literacy.

Accelerated Reading
All of Year 7, 8 and 9 are on the Accelerated Reading scheme. They can take books out of the school library and complete a quiz on them to improve their reading age. They should be reading regularly at home (30 minutes a day) and they should be recording what they read and their quiz scores in their planners. The expectation is that they show you and you sign this. We expect all students to have a book in their bag every day.

For more information on how the library (LRC) supports literacy click here.

1 hour Literacy Lesson
Year 7 have a literacy lesson once a week with 10 spellings to learn every single week. They must ensure they learn these spellings as it is crucial for their progress and they need to do well in the weekly test. Spellings should be written in the student planner.

Some students will come out of their regular lessons to work 1:1 with a teacher or a Sixth Form student to help them catch up in their reading, spelling or written work.

Whole School Spellings
Year 8 do whole school spellings which can be found on the main student page of 365 and the plasma screen in the atrium every week. These consist of five spellings that link to all the subjects in the school. It is very important that they learn these as all subjects have marks for spellings in their exams.

Students will be taking a spelling test three times a year and a STAR Reading test four times a year which in turn will give us their spelling and reading ages. Therefore, it is extremely important that they keep reading and keep practising their spellings.  Extended writing should also be practised at any opportunity.

literacy-leaders-2016If you would like more information on how you can support your child’s progress in literacy please contact,
Aamir Hassan
Literacy Coordinator and English Teacher