Astroturf and MUGA

One of Beckfoot’s outdoor facilities is its fantastic fully enclosed third generation AstroTurf. It is marked out for a full sized 11-a-side game or can be divided into marked thirds for 7-a-side games.

Astro 1

The AstroTurf is equipped with 1 pair of full sized goals, 4 pairs of 5-a-side goals with individual recesses and a pair of full sized hockey nets. Each third can be divided either through the markings or by the use of netting, to section each third off from one another. The AstroTurf can be lit up by our floodlights either as the whole pitch or each third as required.

If the AstroTurf is too big for your requirements, Beckfoot has a fully enclosed third generation multi-use games area (MUGA) ideal for smaller groups or juniors.


The Muga is equipped with one pair of 5-a-side goals and its own floodlight system that can be used when required.

Pricing per hour 

AstroTurf Facility Table 17

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