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PE Kit - new leggings option from September 2019





MyEd App – Connecting Parent/Carers, Students and School
Our new Parental Communication App is available on IOS and Android. To find out more click here.  An email invitation to download the new MyEd App has been sent to Priority 1 Contacts who have given the school their email address.
Not received an invitation? email campusadminteam@beckfoot.org to let us know.

Please note:

  • Please turn on notifications for the MyEd App so you are notified if any messages are received
  • If you download the app and then uninstall it please email campusadminteam@beckfoot.org as you will no longer receive messages from the ConnectEd System.
  • If you change your mobile number and have previously downloaded the MyEd App, you will need to uninstall it and re-install with your new mobile number - please allow 48 hours after we have confirmed we have changed your mobile number on our school system before re-installing the App.
  • Please do not unsubscribe emails from ConnectEd

Click here to see the app features and download instructions
Click here for images of the Beckfoot App

ParentPay - important messages for parents
From 12 October the following changes were made to ParentPay

  • Parents will see only value associated with lunchtime items in the Lunchtime Meal Activity report on their home page.
  • Balances for any payment items that maintain a balance, positive or negative, are visible in the ‘View all items’ tab.
  • Payment items ‘To pay’ field will represent the cost of items to parents more accurately.

ParentPay have issued an apology to customers regarding the confusion with the new 'My Account' feature. They have now revised the features to make it easier to use. Please refer to the email instructions from ParentPay or click the link below.
ParentPay My Account – Parent Guidance

Parent Info – new online information service
Introducing a new online information service for parents and carers to help our children and young people safe online. Click here to find out more.

Medical Messages
Does your child have a medical condition? Please contact the school Healthcarer if your child needs to take medication whilst in school and complete one of the medication consent forms below,
Medication consent form (school to administer medication)
Medication consent form (student to carry own medication)
Multiple medications and combined doses consent form

Paypoint locations 2017

School Closure 
Please check our website for details of school closures and/or sign up for the Bradford Schools Online Alert Service by clicking here.

Road Safety - Collecting and Dropping-Off Students
To read our reminder to parents/carers of arrangements for collecting students from and dropping them off at school click here.