Health and Wellbeing

A selection of group and individual activities for students,
aimed at raising their Emotional Health & Wellbeing.

2020 has seen challenges never faced before and as we look to the future,
the impact of these will continue to resonate.

XenZone, as leaders in digital Emotional Health Wellbeing recognise this, designing and developing resources to help both professionals and students work openly with issues that stem from or have been exasperated by the world crisis.

Quality endorsed by the Open College Network as part of XenZone’s Emotional Resilience programme and approved by our Clinical and Safeguarding departments, these resources are aimed at students to explore their own Emotional Health and Wellbeing and that of others.

These offer a range of activities, covering topics like good sleep hygiene, creative self expression, connecting with others and many more!

Activities can be accessed from the Kooth homepage and are great for young people looking for self help strategies for specific issues or simply choosing fun things to do to pass the time while they are at home. All activities have clear and achievable goals and there is no expectation to complete them, just encouragement to try out the ones that feel right for them.

All these activities and more are available 24 hours a day on our Emotional Health and Wellbeing online service

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Make your own coping box
Useful for managing emotions An activity that encourages you to create a collection of items that may help to distract or soothe difficult emotions.

Share advice with others
Useful for confidence building/connecting with others/being part of Kooth community An activity around sharing experiences with others to build confidence and make yourself and others feel good too.

Write a letter to your future self
Useful for self expression/confidence building A creative and personal activity to inspire yourself and make yourself laugh now and in the future too.

Create a ‘good mood’ playlist
Useful for self expression/managing emotions/just for fun An activity that uses music to boost your mood.

Improve your bedtime routine
Useful for relaxation/good sleep hygiene/helpful habits An activity that promotes healthier bedtime habits for a good night’s sleep.

Create your own superhero
Useful for self expression/just for fun A fun and creative activity that helps to distract and pass the time.

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Learn how to do bubble breathing
Useful for grounding/relaxation A relaxing breathing activity that promotes calm and relaxation.

Get your body moving
Useful for keeping active/self expression/just for fun/ increasing motivation A fun activity that allows you to create your own work out with the roll of a dice.

Create a recipe for coping
Managing emotions/just for fun/self expression An imaginative activity that encourages young people to explore what they need in difficult times.

Create a daily plan for yourself
Useful for promoting helpful habits/ managing school work An activity to help young people to structure their day to reduce overwhelm and to make their day more enjoyable.

Practice being present
Useful for grounding An activity that uses your senses to help you be in the here and now during times of stress.

Kooth word challenge
Useful for distraction/just for fun A fun word challenge activity that helps to pass the time and get you thinking too.

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Personalise your space
Useful for self expression/just for fun An activity that encourages young people to think about their likes and dislikes by personalising a space at home.

Create your own activity jar
Useful for distraction/just for fun/managing emotions A creative activity that encourages young people to make a collection of possible activities to help with boredom, loneliness and anxiety.

Sing like nobody’s listening
Useful for self expression/just for fun/distraction A fun activity to lift your mood and release tension in the body.

Explore the positive power of pets
Useful for managing emotions/distraction An activity that encourages time with animals to reduce stress and increase happiness.