Year 9 and 10 World Class Readers


We want you to become ‘World Class Readers’

Welcome to Beckfoot World Class reading. Reading is extremely important, we all know you want to be reading above your age range. Pick a flight path and travel the world in your Library.

No money, no packing, no problem! Kick back and get lost in all the wonderful books!

Inside the World Class Readers booklet are various flight paths, incorporating 20 books each. Your challenge is to pick one of these flight paths and read at least 10 books from the list. Then you will write book reviews on Eclipse for some of these books, and, when you reach your final destination, write a short story or report incorporating themes from the books you have read along the way. Read the booklet in full here.

Impress us with your World Class reading and impress us with your World Class writing when you reach your final destination!

All the books in this booklet are in stock in the LRC. The colour of the book title links to the area of the library where the books are kept, and also the level of difficulty of the book. Blue is easiest, then black (yellow in the library), red, with gold being the most challenging.

world-class-readers-logoAre you up for the challenge? Are you ready to take a seat on a flight and fly across the Globe? Strap yourself in and get going!

Pick your flight path to start your journey,

Adventure Route
Crime Thriller Route
Family and Friendship Route
Fantasy Route
Global Route
History Route
Romance Route
Sci-Fi Route
War Route

Read our World Class Readers leaflet to find out how to write a review and to see all the routes and books available here.