Parent Forum


Welcome to our Parent Forum pages

What is the Parent Forum?
The Parent Forum is an opportunity for parents, carers and staff to meet, share ideas and feedback on matters which affect the education and welfare of our students. We value the views of parents and carers and welcome their contribution to school decision-making.

What are the aims of the Forum?

  • To work in partnership with the school to create a welcoming and inclusive environment for all
  • To promote a partnership between school and home
  • To contribute and engage in discussion which support the education and welfare of our students
  • To identify and represent all parents’ views on educational and welfare matters

When and where is it on?
We meet every half term on Thursdays from 6.00 – 7.00pm in the library (LRC).

What issues have been discussed in past forums?
Please refer to the Archive below to review the minutes from past forums.

Do I have to attend every meeting?
No, there is no commitment or obligation to attend every meeting. We welcome input from parents and carers of our students through the forum itself or through other means such as email or phone call.

Is it like a PTA?
Yes and no - yes because the Forum is intended to encourage closer links between home and school, and no because attendees don’t undertake fundraising work.

Can a parent or carer who is also a member of staff at Beckfoot attend?
Yes, definitely. We understand that they will share views as a parent, and not a member of staff.

What if I can’t attend a meeting but I want to contribute to it?
If you can’t attend a meeting but wish to contribute to it, please email your thoughts in advance of the meeting to Alex Denham ( to ensure your views are represented at the meeting.

You can also refer to the minutes which are added to the website following the meeting to find out what we discussed.

I have another query or suggestion that I’d like to put forward.
Please contact Alex Denham ( if you have any other queries or suggestions.