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Smart Uniform Policy
In all aspects of appearance, our aim is personal smartness demonstrating our pride as part of the Beckfoot community. We ask parents and carers to support our Smart Uniform Policy. Any pupil failing to follow this policy will receive an immediate consequence as stated in our Positive Learning Strategy (PLS).

 Compulsory items for school



·        White (black for KS4) Beckfoot polo shirt with school logo.

·        Blue (black for KS4) Beckfoot sweatshirt with school logo.

·        Black tailored school trousers appropriate for school wear. No studs, leggings, cropped trousers or jeans.

·        Shoes should be traditional school style without any logo. No trainers, canvas shoes or fashion wear.

·        Skirts should be traditional, appropriate school style and length.

·        Black, full length plain socks, or plain black or flesh coloured tights. Sport socks should not be worn with school uniform.

·        Excessive makeup and acrylic nails are not allowed.

·        One stud in each earlobe and/or one nose stud is permitted. Other facial or body piercings are not allowed.

·        Lanyards should be worn as part of our uniform.

·        Outdoor coats and PE hoodies must not be worn inside the school building.



Compulsory PE kit


·      Navy blue polo shirt, with Beckfoot Logo (fitted option available for girls)

·      Long navy blue games socks or plain white sports socks.
·      Beckfoot Navy blue shorts/Beckfoot leggings/ Beckfoot skort
·      Trainers with suitable foot support, for indoors and astroturf  (no pumps  or metal studs.)


Optional items

·      Beckfoot reversible rugby/hockey shirt
·      Beckfoot hoody
·      Beckfoot or plain navy tracksuit bottoms ( Beckfoot logo only)
·      Beckfoot rain jacket

For health & safety reasons, long hair must be tied back, no jewellery to be worn. 


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Buying Uniform


All uniform is available from Whittakers Schoolwear and Natasha Schoolwear:

·        Natasha Schoolwear

       37 Westgate

       BD1 2QT

       Tel: 01274 724676



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·        Whittakers Schoolwear
21 Briggate
BD17 7BP 
Tel: 01274 585015


·        Whittakers Schoolwear
5 Low St
BD21 3PJ  
Tel: 01535 611211


Whittakers Uniform - Summer 2020



Please note, we are in consultation about changing the uniform from September 2021, so please be mindful when purchasing any new uniform items.



Uniform Voucher Scheme


As of 1 April 2014, Bradford Council stopped providing uniform allowance vouchers for parents. The Council has passed responsibility for funding and administering this service to schools. Beckfoot Trust has agreed to provide financial assistance for funding uniform along similar lines to those previously adopted by the Council.


Parents/carers should contact our Campus Admin, to check eligibility. To enable us to distribute vouchers, claimants will need to provide a proof of identity and be registered as eligible according to the school policy. If either of these criteria are not met, the claim will have to be reviewed.



Lost property


All your child’s possessions, including clothing, should be named, in order to facilitate returning found articles.


All lost property should be handed in at the SFO (Student Facilities Office) by Reception. If a student loses any item they should ask at the SFO if it has been found. These are held until the end of term and then put on display for the students to reclaim. Anything unclaimed will then be donated to charity.


Beckfoot School accepts no responsibility for the safety and security of your child’s possessions. With this in mind, please consider whether to allow your child to bring valuable items on site.