Prospectus & Policies

Our Ethos and Values
We believe that students thrive and their learning extends when they are happy and suitably challenged in an environment that they have a stake in developing. Beckfoot is a learning community in which we all – staff, students and parents – share a common set of values to enjoy, to learn and to succeed. For a more detailed understanding please read our school prospectus
Statutory Information to download:
Administration of Medicine Policy 
Admissions Information Leaflet for Secondary Schools
Admissions Policy Post 16 (Sixth Form)
Admissions Process Website
Asthma Policy  
Anti-bullying Policy
Campus Fire Evacuation Strategy
Child Protection and Safeguarding Policy 
Disability Equality Scheme and Accessibility Policy
Homework Policy
PA Extra Curricular Activities 2017-18
PE Extra Curricular Activities 2017-18
Privacy Notice
Positive Learning Strategy
Pupil Premium Report
Summer Headline Results
SEND Provision Report
Sixth Form Expectations
Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural Development (SMSC) Policy
Strategic Vision
Year 11 Family Handbook
See the schools Ofsted page for further information on the school’s performance.
See the Ofsted website for further information.
*Summer Headline Results subject to change - awaiting remarks.

Trust Policies:
Beckfoot Trust
Trust Attendance Policy
Trust Accident Reporting Procedure
Trust Equality Information and Objectives 
Trust Data Protection and Freedom of Information Policy
Trust DBS and Safer Recruitment Policy
Trust Uniform Voucher Policy
Trust Charging and Remissions Policy
Trust Complaints Procedure
Trust Health and Safety Policy
Trust Behaviour Policy
Trust Curriculum statement 
Trust SEN and Disability Policy 
Trust Supporting Students with Medical Conditions Policy