Should your child be too ill to attend the school, please contact us on the first day of absence before 8:30am by:

Text: 07624 813492


Phone: 08442 393390 

*Some mobile phone providers charge for texts or calls to this number 

Please keep us informed daily of your child’s progress. If a child is absent, and we have received no parental contact and the school cannot contact a parent/carer to establish a reason for the absence, a home visit may be made by the school Attendance Officer.

According to NHS guidance, children do not require time off for the following: Cold; Cold sores; Conjunctivitis; Cough; Glandular fever, Hand, foot and mouth; Headache; Head lice; Sore throat; Threadworms; Tonsillitis; Warts and/or Verrucae.  If you would like more information on NHS guidelines please click here.

Doctors and dentist appointments should be made outside of school time, if this is not possible your child should miss the least amount of school time as possible. If an appointment is mid-morning they should come in to school before their appointment and, if they are well enough, come back to school after the appointment. 

Medical evidence should be provided wherever possible. Please send in evidence of medication prescribed by your doctor or hospital or an appointment card from your GP or medical centre. The school has a right to request evidence of illness or appointments to authorise the absence. Where attendance levels are of concern and monitoring is in place, medical evidence will be required for all absences. 

Medical evidence can be brought in to school by your child and taken to the Attendance Office or be emailed in to

When Should my Child Return to School NHS (1)