Buzz Winter 2018!

A massive well done to this year’s Buzz Team, who put in so much work to make sure they delivered a perfect magazine for everyone to enjoy! Below is an article written by Buzz team member, Aaron about our Winter 2018 edition!

As many of you know, each new school year comes with a new team for our school magazine “The Buzz”. A new team isn’t the only new thing to happen to our magazine this year though, as the Buzz is now designed in house, this means that the staff and students have complete control over the Buzz’s layout and what we put in it.

Last week the Buzz team took a brief visit to the printers where we were able to watch our magazine being  printed, and see all our hard work on paper. Learning about the process of how they were printed was fascinating, as the papers went through multiple machines. Did you know it would take only an hour for their machines to print 7000 issues of our magazine (including folding, cutting and stapling). If they only used the machine to just print on paper, it would take 5 minutes to make just one issue.

The machines worked quickly enough that we were all able to receive our own copies before anyone else, and take a box full back to school.

Most of you will have seen what’s in our winter edition of the Buzz. Some of you will have noticed the new layout that was previously mentioned. This new edition and style includes things such as: reviews of this year’s musical, an interview with Mr Donlan, as well as a few puzzles and riddles.

Readers of the Buzz will have noticed the image of Becky the Beckfoot elf on the puzzle page you may want to pay close attention to it as you could win £10. We want you to email the Buzz team your thoughts on where it was taken,  one random winner will be picked on the 18th January and will receive a £10 spending voucher that can be used at dozens of your favourite shops.
Thanks for reading this article and the magazine that we put so much effort in. We look forward to making new editions next year!
Aaron, Year 9

If you would like to see the new edition of the Buzz click the new Buzz  logo below.


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