100% Attendance!

Simon in Year 13 has never had a day off school! We caught up with him to gets some tips and advice on how to achieve 100% attendance throughout school. 

Simon, you have attended Beckfoot since Year 7, you are now in Year 13 and have not missed a day in school ever! 100% attendance is an amazing achievement! Well done!

How have you managed this?
To be honest I’ve got quite lucky in terms of illness and, when it does strike, always seemingly doing so in the holidays (touch wood). Although there have been days where I may not have been feeling 100%, getting myself into school has always been the priority and has therefore led to me not missing a day of school/sixth form (at the time of writing).

Do you feel that your outstanding attendance has made a positive impact on your learning?
Definitely. Even if I were to just take a few days off a year, that will lead to about 20 hours of class time lost, valuable time that could be spent learning and preparing for exams. This attendance led to me obtaining what I would consider to be good GCSE grades, so for that the 100% absolutely had a positive impact on my learning.

What advice would you give to other students who may be feeling a bit under the weather about coming into school?
Obviously, I don’t know how/well or unwell students are feeling but unless you are putting other students at risk of falling ill, try your best to get yourself into school. Even if you have to go home after one or two lessons, that is better than not coming into school at all. Therefore, for me at least, feeling under the weather isn’t a good enough excuse to miss a day or more of school. Good attendance is vital.

Thank you so much for taking the time to give us your tips and advice.

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