What a fantastic performance!

What a fantastic performance!

It was a privilege to watch the school production of ‘Footloose’ yesterday evening. The quality of the performances, the professionalism of the production and the showcase of exceptional talent was simply amazing. The music, acting, singing, and choreography were all flawless. The level of energy, excitement, teamwork and enjoyment  - truly inspirational. I have no idea how it was possible to have so many students, across the year groups, working so marvellously together.

I know how hard all members of the cast and our musicians have worked and how much time they have put into rehearsals. I also know that none of this can happen without the skills, time and commitment of the production team (Mrs Kyle, Mr Stimpson, Mrs Bannon, Mr Jackson and a whole team of helpers). I also know that every single student involved in this fantastic production of  Footloose had an experience that they will never forget. Nor will those in the audience who loved every minute of it. 

Thank you to our stunning students, to the whole production team and to parents, carers and staff who came along to the three ‘sell out’ nights. It was very, very special.

Enjoy our gallery below for a taste of the production. I hope everybody  has a restful half term!


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