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What a week to end a fantastic school year!

It has been a stunning year for our school community. The Beckfoot ‘Buzz’ has thrived, through inspiring events, which have showcased students’ talents in Music, Art and Sport and through genuine excitement and engagement in lessons, which we see daily, and which is reflected in the excellent progress being made. We are looking forward to the results in summer, knowing that our year 11s and 13s committed 100% to their learning, demonstrated amazing resilience and, with the support and expertise of their teachers, faced every exam confidently.

The year has seen our community come together to raise money for a range of charities and to work collaboratively with Hazelbeck.  Groups of students have initiated community events, including a Christmas Party for elderly residents and, alongside Ahead Partnerships and Northern Powergrid, organising the 1940’s event at Bingley Arts Centre last week.  It was wonderful to host Beckfoot Trust students participating in the first ever Trust Sports Day and, of course, the amazing Celebration of the Arts event last week.

Enrichment week – wow! The range of activities and breadth of experiences being offered to students this year has never been better. To see the photos arriving, not only of the residentials, both in this country and abroad, but also the pictures of activities in school, is a joy. Similarly, to see our amazing students who are doing their work experience looking confident and totally at home in the workplace is wonderful.  I hope you have enjoyed seeing the photographic tour of our Enrichment Week and all the photos on Twitter.  I have to admit to a hint of jealousy that I couldn’t be part of it all. I would also like to say a massive thank you to all of our staff, who willingly give so much of their time to ensure that Enrichment Week can happen.

As we come to the summer holidays, I would like to thank all of our students for the smiles we see on their faces every day and their commitment to our school and their learning. I’d like to thank parents and carers for the continued support and feedback, and lastly, I’d like to wish you all a brilliant summer!

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