Wider learning Day

Challenging World Day

On Wednesday 23 May the Beckfoot Geography department held a Wider Learning morning for Year 7 students to experience some of the challenges our planet is currently facing.

The students became workers in a ‘sweatshop’ and were asked to think about how this affects the lives of those who experienced these working conditions every day. They also explored the impact that our increased use of plastic is having on the planet and designed their own invention on how to reduce plastic waste. Finally, the students investigated where some of the products that we use originate from and used ArcGIS, a Geographical Information System that digitally creates maps, to visualise the distance travelled. This is a tool that a number of local businesses use to help them make geographical decisions and it was very exciting to see Year 7 students using this tool.

The students have all been invited to enter a competition that is being run by the Geographical Association which requires them to answer the question ‘‘In the 21st Century what is the biggest challenge to our planet?’ We are encouraging the students to be creative with their entries and look forward to submitting a winning entry from Beckfoot!

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