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Hello all, last term was a busy one, yet a fruitful one for the student leadership, as the nine that you voted in (including myself) went on to join the existing student leadership, we had then begun our long journey in developing the Beckfoot vision by brainstorming ideas together, and then taking a Beckfoot trip with the student leadership team to some of the other secondary schools in the Trust: Beckfoot Thornton, Beckfoot Oakbank and Beckfoot Upper Heaton. We went on this trip with the purpose of trading ideas about our students and how we all behave in our school.

The goal of this Trust is to improve communication between our schools, educate ourselves about the importance of respect in our communities and to ensure that we are all empowered learners.


It would be sinful to forget to mention Sport Relief, our community raised over £5,800 for charity, this is a great moment as it displays our charitable community and how caring and aware our school is about less fortunate people in the world, I hope you all had a great day participating in the events of the day, including the run, an exercise, which can help illustrate the harsh conditions that some people must endure to function every day, we should all be proud, well done!


This will be more focused to current Year 11 students preparing vigorously for your final GCSE exams (some of you which I may have tutored), exactly one year ago I was in your position, faced with this seemingly impossible task, which I was extremely apprehensive, I was restless, drowning in the possibility that I might fail, but I promise all of you reading this, that as someone who has sat their GCSE exams, your hard work will pay off, and there is a lot more out in the world if things unfortunately don't go your way, actually 734 billionaires in the world don't have a college degree. And no matter what happens, you will have the longest summer of your life to relax and do whatever you want to do.


This is all from me for last term, I genuinely hope that everyone enjoyed their holidays, and make sure you enjoy, learn and succeed.


- Hasan (Student Voice and Communications for Beckfoot Student Steering Group)

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