Important School Bus Information

Due to reduced demand, there will only be one A63 bus, both before and after school, with effect from Monday 16th April. Students who have tended to wait for the second one need to be aware of this.

A new school bus serving the Eldwick area (see details below) will also come into service on Monday 16th April.


The B50:

From Eldwick via: Otley Rd, Warren Ln, Gilstead Ln, Ferncliffe Rd, Kent Rd, Gloucester Rd, Kingsway, Mornington Rd, Charles St, Park Rd, Main St, Bradford Rd, Beechroyd Terr, Bradford Rd, Wagon Ln to Beckfoot School

From Beckfoot School via: Wagon Ln, Bradford Rd, Beechroyd Terr, Bradford Rd, Main St, Park Rd, Charles St, Mornington Rd, Kingsway, Gloucester Rd, Kent Rd, Ferncliffe Rd, Gilstead Ln, Warren Ln, Otley Rd to Eldwick

Service Number            B50                        

Eldwick                               0750      

Bingley Park Road            0805      

Beckfoot School                0810      


Service Number              B50                        

Beckfoot School                  1455      

Bingley Main Street           1500      

Eldwick                                 1515   


The fare will be £1.10 per journey

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