Yorkshire Championships

Debating Matters- a Haiku

Plan and develop,
Debate we do, very well.
And sadly we lose.

(By Alice, Raahat and Leo)

On 28th March, 6 Sixth Form debaters and 7 interested Year 8 and 9s, took on the Debating Matters Yorkshire Championships, at Leeds Beckett University. The competition is nationally renowned and supports young people and fosters free debate. The day was full of intellectually challenging and exciting discussion.

Beckfoot triumphed in the first round, winning our first two debates. Alice and Hasan successfully challenged the motion ‘Autonomous vehicles will make driving safer’, whilst Raahat and Leo vigorously defended the motion ‘Monuments to controversial historical figures should remain.’ The debaters were praised on their ability to think flexibly, answer questions skilfully, and work well in a team. However, the judges also offered brilliant constructive feedback for everyone to work on.

After winning the first round, Beckfoot’s team was one of only four out of twelve teams to proceed to the semi-finals. Isabella and Sabah took on Harrogate Grammar School, defending the motion ‘We should build on the green belt.’ After a very taut and stimulating debate, unfortunately our team were narrowly defeated. However, the judges were incredibly impressed with the team’s style, and Isabella was awarded an honourable mention from the individual judges. 

Overall, the day was an incredible opportunity, and a fantastic chance to learn and develop. Our teams felt that we admirably represented not only Beckfoot, but Bradford comprehensive schools in general.

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