Snow, snow and even more snow!

I absolutely detest this weather! One of the most difficult decision a Headteacher takes is that of closing the school. Thankfully this is a rare occurrence. On Tuesday I was feeling happy that we had managed to clear the site and open as normal. Colleagues who live in areas where the snow was far worse than the conditions in Bingley had managed to get through, and our students were in school safely. Constantly referring to weather forecasts, we were confident that we would get through the day without further heavy snow and that students would also get home safely - and they did. However, worse weather was to come!

I am acutely aware of the difficulties that closing school causes to parents and carers. However, in making the decision, there is a single priority; the safety of our 1600 students and the adults in our community. We consider the condition of the site, the ability of students (and staff) to get to school safely and we have to be certain that we can get our students home at the end of the day. The worst case scenario would be the eight school buses not getting to us.

The next task is to inform everyone as early as possible. Again, a late decision to close is unhelpful for everyone involved. Hopefully information on the website, Bradford Schools Online, the Media and texts to parents and carers have ensured that everyone knows quickly that school is not open. If you have had any difficulties in accessing this communication, please let me know.

Meanwhile, there are resources on 365 which students can access and we are in the process of re-working the timetable for the final few mock exams (our Year 11 students have been amazing in the last two weeks!) and we will post details of the amendments on the website as well as emailing students with the information.

Meetings and events planned for this evening will not go ahead, and staff will be in touch with those parents and students involved with revised details.

I thank you all for your patience and look forward to some improving weather!

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