German Exchange Trip

The twelve German Exchange students from Years 8 and 9 and their teachers Miss Roberts and Mr Ide are back home. Friendships have been formed or strengthened and students have returned proud that they have settled so well and now have a German family they can call their own. 

Students have grown in confidence every day and seeing young Thomas Carnelley sharing a joke with his German 'mum' at the German-English Celebration Evening was just wonderful.  The mountain with which some were faced on Wednesday soon became a mere blip in their landscape and students have come back with their hearts full of good wishes and invitations to return. 

They have been wonderful ambassadors for the school, with their impeccable behaviour and attitude even garnering praise from fellow passengers in Deutsche Bahn. Well done everyone. We can’t wait to welcome the students from RiK back in the Spring.

Here are some of their thoughts:

“I really liked it in Germany because we did lots of cool activities and tried new food like breads and drinks.  It was really fun as we got to work with new people”.

“We ate Brezel and Currywurst and went round the Christmas Market where the shopkeepers dress up in funny clothes”.

“Everyone was so friendly, it was an amazing experience”.

“Es war eine tolle Erfahrung, besonders, weil wir eine Menge Zeit mit unseren deutschen Freunden verbracht haben”.

“You get the opportunity to experience German culture that can’t be found in England, such as drinks like Mezzo Mix and foods like Currywurst and Bratwurst.  You can see what it’s like in a German school and make life-long friends”.

“It was very good as I learnt lots of German”.

“You should come on this trip because it’s an amazing experience and you can have so much fun with your friends, meet new people and try new things like pretzels with melted cheese.  It’s the best trip I’ve ever been on”.


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