Welcome back everyone

heads-blog-photo-sept-2016-2I hope that you have had a wonderful summer.

To see our school full again with Beckfoot students is always very special. Our Year 7s and new colleagues have made a fantastic start and they have been well looked after by the rest of our Beckfoot community.

We had some great results this summer at GCSE and A Level. The look of delight on the faces of our Year 11 and 13 students when they open their results is magical. 65% of our GCSE students achieved a C or better in both Maths and English which is a strong performance for this cohort and places them well above national average performance. Over 20% of our students achieved at least 5 A*/A grades. The new Progress 8 measure will show that our students in Year 11 have made more progress from Year 7 to 11 than similar students nationally. We were also delighted to see many of our most vulnerable learners: looked after children, those with special needs and those from disadvantaged homes, doing well.

Our A Level results were once again very strong. 99.6% of exams taken were passed with 55% of those grades being A*-B. There were many exceptional results, we were particularly pleased with those achieved in Maths and History.

We are very excited by the year in front of us. We want to keep improving outcomes for learners and maximising opportunities for our students. We are adjusting to the changes in the examination framework at GCSE and A Level, and absolutely determined to ensure that every type of learner can flourish academically and socially. Our aim is to create a remarkable learning environment at the school, so that our students can take ownership of their learning, be highly aspirational, and develop the confidence to thrive in 21st Century society.

As an outstanding school we are looking for new challenges. We have set ourselves the target of achieving the World Class Schools Quality Mark this year. This Quality Mark is only eligible for outstanding schools looking to move to the next level. What I like about the Quality Mark is that it is totally student-centred. It is the students who have to convince the assessors that they/ we are worthy of the world class quality mark. Our students are already beginning to prepare their submission for assessment. If we were successful, we would be the first school in the North of England to achieve it. Fingers crossed for success later in the year.

Equally, we are excited to see the growth of the Beckfoot Multi-Academy Trust to 7 schools. We believe in school-led improvement and maximising possibilities for children by working in partnership with other local schools. As an outstanding school, and one that has been transformed over time, we have a lot to offer other schools, also looking to become outstanding. We are already a successful Trust with Hazelbeck, the first school to join the Beckfoot Trust achieving outstanding in 2015. Beckfoot Upper Heaton have had excellent results this summer and we are expecting the same impact at Oakbank and Thornton secondary schools, and Heaton Primary school. Our 7th school, Allerton Primary is already an outstanding school. It is an amazing school that will bring an incredible amount to the Trust. We were thrilled that they wanted to join us. Exciting times, morally right and good for Bradford.

gill-halls-head-of-schoolFinally, I want to let you know that we have appointed our long serving Deputy Head Gill Halls, to the Head of School post at Beckfoot.

Gill is a Beckfoot legend! She has taught at the school since 1983 and is one of the finest educators I have ever worked alongside. Whilst I shall remain Headteacher, Gill, will provide me with increased day-to-day support of the school so that I can also oversee the development of our Trust schools in addition to my work at Beckfoot. The school is very lucky to have her.

David Horn


A Level and GCSE Results Days 

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