Duke of Edinburgh expedition report

Last weekend, myself and 66 other Beckfoot students went on their practice Duke of Edinburgh expedition to Black Hills Scout Campsite.  As part of our expedition we had to complete a six hour walk across varied terrain, self-sufficiently and without getting lost. The walk aimed to take us out of our comfort zones, in areas they we were not familiar with and test our map reading and directional skills. At the campsite we had to set up camp and make ourselves comfortable before cooking a meal using the food that we had carried.

Although it was sometimes hard work, group moral remained high and all groups completed the expedition successfully. Many groups found cooking on the small camping stoves difficult, and therefore group meals were an interesting mixture, ranging between beef burgers and burnt boil in the bag rice! We had an amazing night at the campsite: singing camp songs, playing games round the fire and generally having fun in our home for the night.

In the morning, although sleep had been in short supply, energy was found for a game of capture the flag. We played the game with an interesting set of rules, and discovered that even certain teachers break the rules to win. After the game, with the result still inconclusive, we set upon the walk back to school, where we could finally take our bags off and look back on what had been a fun but exhausting weekend, before going home to catch up on lost sleep.

“It was great fun, we had a campfire and we laughed so much.
All the aching and sweat was worth it”
Becca Ho

“We had a really good time and learnt how to light fire as well as how to find our own way”
David Hollis

“At times it was hard work but in the end it was really worth it, we learnt new things about each other and gained each other’s trust. We had a great time and had had a laugh with each other, sometimes even at the expense of the teachers”
Chloe Simmons

Written by Oliver Oddy and Emma Taylor


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