Fairtrade Week

We are big supporters of Fairtrade and this year's Fairtrade Week was no exception. 

In assemblies students learnt about the chocolate trade and the terrible child labour issues facing young children in East Africa, who are receiving an unfair wage for their work. They also learnt about the ways Fairtrade support cocoa farmers and their communities giving them the power over the huge chocolate companies. 

During our Fairtrade Week we held three Fairtrade stalls in the atrium at break. On Monday students could buy fair trade bananas, chocolate and juice, on Wednesday there was a banana split counter (it sold out very quickly!) and on Friday we held a taste the difference challenge - students firmly agreed that Fairtrade chocolate tasted the best!

Thanks to all the students who supported Fairtrade Week, those who promoted it around school and raised awareness of looking out for the Fairtrade symbol when buying products.

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