Thank you to students, parents and carers

It is often said that a little bit of snow causes chaos in Britain. It certainly caused major traffic problems in the Bingley area yesterday morning! I’d like to thank our students (and their parents/ carers!), and staff, who patiently coped with the long hold ups, the students who sat on buses for hours and those who walked to school and arrived wet through!  We are always proud when we see students making such an effort to be in school.

Despite the weather related issues, we soon had everyone in their classes learning and our Year 9 students enjoyed an amazing Armistice Day themed Wider Learning Day. They researched the Somme, experienced military style marching and PT, enjoyed some rousing singing and listened to the experiences of the ‘Bradford Pals’. The day culminated in students producing mood boards, the laying of crosses with their personal messages, and the playing of the last post followed by a minute’s silence. A very special learning experience indeed. Read more on the the Telegraph and Argus website by clicking here.

Gill Halls
Head of School

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