Welcome Back! 14.09.20

Welcome back!

A special welcome to our new Year 7 students and those joining our 6th Form from elsewhere. Both groups have already proved to be an amazing addition to our school.

I have been humbled by the way our staff and students have accepted and embraced our re-opening plans, and more so by the manner in which they have approached learning. It is an absolute delight  that we have made such a strong start but it’s also important to remind ourselves that we each have to play our part to maintain that strength and build upon it as we progress through the year.

I have tried to get to as many lessons as possible since last Tuesday and it has been a joy. I have been struck by the maturity of our young people and their determination to learn, despite a long period of absence from their usual style of learning. They have been engaged and happy to contribute fully to lessons which was great to see. Beckfoot has a special ‘soul’ and I have witnessed that throughout our school this week.

I had the opportunity to visit our Oracy workshops with Year 7 on Friday. I listened to them stand up in front of their peers and introduce each other. I watched them tell of their dreams and ambitions for the year ahead and beyond and I loved the purity of their messages and the confidence they showed to simply stand up and speak. I really want them all to become more effective communicators and this type of work will help.

I have loved having the opportunity to talk to our students again. I have missed their character, humour and energy. Walking around the school during lessons and break times has been a pleasure and it is so good to have life back into our building because our young people have returned.

I want to thank every parent and carer who has trusted us with our plans to open. We had an attendance figure of 99% last week and that is stunning. We have been making slight tweaks to our plans each day as we learn more about the flow of students and how to make things better for them.

Thank you again for your support.

Take care,


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