Sometimes you are just left in awe!

What a few weeks it has been. Full of activity and an unprecedented occurrence.

Our BSL group began the term with a great Goalball event which was the result of a collaboration with Hazelbeck. They did an incredible job raising awareness of impaired vision and how a sport such as Goalball can be enjoyed regardless of disability. I loved it! The competitive streak was there for all to see amongst the staff and students who took part. It was great fun and I am grateful we have such selfless young people in school who are constantly thinking about others.

We have been busy these past few weeks getting ready for Sports Relief. The aim is to support young people in Bradford who suffer with their mental health. Indeed, 1 in 9 young people suffer with some form of mental health issue between the ages of 11 and 19. In Bradford that amounts to approximately 6608 students. The aim of the PE Department and the Sports Council has been to ensure that collectively our students walk 6608 km in support of mental health awareness and raise over £5000 for Sports Relief. Fundraising activities have included Sponge the Teacher, Dodgeball, staff v students netball, rowing challenges, pay to play sport, cheerleading, dance and lots more. I am really hoping they raise the money they are aiming for but, regardless, it has been an amazing few weeks and I am so proud of our entire school community with the Sports Council and Ms. Holmes leading the way.

In other news we were made aware of the students who will be joining us in September from primary schools in the area. We have in excess of 1600 families who chose our school and we have been allocated our full number of students which is great. Our sixth form has also been busy, and we have received over 500 applications to study with us in September. We remain a heavily oversubscribed school and I will never take that for granted because we must keep working hard to provide the very best education we can for the families that entrust their children to us each year.

Finally, I attended the Beckfoot Young Musician event last night. Wow! From the first to the last act, from the solo to the ensemble performances I was completely in awe of our students. I saw singers, guitarists, classical musicians, bands, pianists and a harpist which, in truth, very much reminded me of home. There was also a very cool rendition of the A-Ha classic, Take on Me by the hand chimes group. I had no idea how to pick any winners but thankfully that was not my role last night. In the end the award for Beckfoot School Young Musician of the Year went to Evie Kitching in Year 12. Her piano performance was breathtaking, and she is a very talented and special young lady. The evening was a huge success and I want to thank the judges, the BSL team, Ms. Roberts and the Duke of Edinburgh team, Mrs Clark, Mr. Jackson, our peripatetic team, the Creative Arts staff and most especially, Mr Lee and Mr Stimpson for all they do in to provide a wealth of opportunities for our students.

Finally, in this time of Covid 19, I want to reassure you all that we continue to follow the advice provided to us daily by both the Department of Education and Public Health England.



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