Inspirational Careers Trips!

It's been a busy few weeks for careers, with two educational trips to inspire our students! 

Here is what Year 7 & 8 had to say about their trip to Mcdonald's 

'If I could score this visit out of 10, I would give them an 11 ! I loved hearing about how they serve the customers and put the food together so quickly' - Louis 

'I loved meeting the staff who all seemed really happy to work there. Interesting to hear about the stock control and the Health & Safety around food storage.' - Amber

'The best bit was going behind the scenes in the kitchen. The staff were all really friendly and told us all about the different jobs you can do in McDonalds.' - Harrison

Here is what Hafeez from Year 10 had to say about the trip to Teledyne Technologies!

Teledyne. What a place! We went in and the staff were so kind and relaxed. The presentation, which followed, was full of lots of interesting facts and answered of our questions to the best of their ability. My favourite part of the trip would definitely have to be the tour; seeing the construction of the boards was just an amazing and unforgettable experience. Did you know that the parts they use to make the boards are made out of gold! For me this will be a profession which will be worth looking into; I will certainly be applying for a job there in the future.  

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