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Thank you to students, parents and carers

It is often said that a little bit of snow causes chaos in Britain. It certainly caused major traffic problems in the Bingley area yesterday morning! I’d like to thank our students (and their parents/ carers!), and staff, who patiently coped with the long hold ups, the students who sat on buses for hours and those…
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A lovely email

A lovely email from a member of the public today about our students. It is nice to read, Hi I wondered if this could be conveyed to the leadership. On a Thursday I collect my eldest son from his gymnastics class at around 6pm. Going through the gates to go the gym a student held the…
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heads-blog-photo-sept-2016-2I'd like to thank Mrs Hobson, a Bingley resident, for taking the time to write this heart-warming letter of thanks. I hope she does not mind me sharing it with you,

Dear Mr Horn

On the 15th September (a very hot day) I fainted at the bus stop by your school. Your students were very kind to me - picked me up and made sure I was alright. As they got off the bus, each one asked me if I was feeling better.

One student got off at the same stop as me and walked with me to my daughter's house in Scarborough Rd. She was an A level student and lived in Avondale Crescent. How very thoughtful these students were. I was so very grateful for their help.

Examples like this make us so proud of our students both in school and the wider community, true Beckfooters!

David Horn

Welcome back everyone

I hope that you have had a wonderful summer. To see our school full again with Beckfoot students is always very special. Our Year 7s and new colleagues have made a fantastic start and they have been well looked after by the rest of our Beckfoot community. We had some great results this summer at GCSE and…
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